The day pass includes access to all our trails, lift service with our official vehicles (so you can ascent to the highest point) and accident insurance I you have booked. The price for the federated adults (13 years and over) is 30€ and for the federated children (from 6 to 12 years) it is 20€. If you are not federated, the price of medical insurance is 5€.

Only people federated with cycling (FCC, RFEC, UCI license) do NOT need to take out health insurance, the rest of the non-cycling licenses must take out health insurance, since the only modality that is practiced in the bike park is cycling.

Yes, we will refund your money as long as you notify the organization 24 hours before the day of the reservation, due to the fact that we need a day to organize and manage everything. We do not make refunds if you give notice on the same day or after the day of the reservation.

All minors must fill out the minor authorization with their parent/legal guardian before coming to the bike park. Remember that the minimum age is from 6 years old and they must ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult up to 13 years old. The price for children from 6 to 13 years is €20/day.

We will return the money in case the organization decides not to open the bike park due to extreme weather conditions or is unable to offer the lift service (we will notify you 24 hours in advance). 

If the bike park is operational and you decide not to come 24 hours before the reservation, you will lose the pass and we won’t be able to give your money back.

Reservations are made through our website https://bookings.4ridersbikepark.com/register/. Please, remember that on weekdays we only allow bookings for groups of 5 people or more. If you want to come during the week and you don’t have a group of more than 5 people, we recommend calling the bike park.


During a day you can make 17 descents if you have energy, but if you want to take it more slow, you can stop and rest, the lift vehicles arrive every 10 minutes. All the tracks start and end at the same place, so you can’t get loss and you can go down by any track.

At this moment this is not posible. The purchase of the day pass includes the lift (ascent by vehicle to the top) as a result e-bikes and enduro bikes will have to be board to the vehicles.

We open from 9:30 to 13:30 then we stop 1 hour for lunch, and then we start again from 14:30 to 17:00. After that, the facilities and access to the tracks are closed.


The ideal bike would be a bike with double suspension (xc, e-bike, enduro, downhill), also with a suspension bike at the front, but comfort is greatly reduced. However, we recommend a double suspension bike, and with a long ride. We do not recommend BMX, dirt jump, or gravel bikes, or 20″ or 24″ wheels (except children’s bikes).

It is mandatory to wear a helmet (not necessarily integral “full face”), the rest of the protections are not mandatory, but we highly recommend knee pads, shoulder protection, and elbow pads for your safety.

Yes, if you are not sure if you have the right bike, you can rent an enduro or downhill bike. The enduro bike costs €65/day, and the downhill bike €75/day. Available in size S/M/L.

Sure! We have full-face helmets for €12/day, goggles (mask) for €4/day, overalls (shoulders and elbows) for just €10/day, and knee pads for €7/day. So you can enjoy the bike park completely safe!


yes, we have space in the parking lot for you to spend the night, as long as the overnight stay does not exceed 5 days.

Yes, we recommend Hostal La Roda, which is less than 5 minutes away by car. The rest of Avià’s accommodations are tourist houses.

Sure! We have hot and cold sandwiches, drinks, and snacks, but only on the days we have a reservation, the rest of the days it is closed.

Yes, we have basic products in case of breaking, and we also have some protections for sale.


If you practice mountain biking regularly we assure you that you will be able to go down our blue and red tracks. All complicated constructions are well marked and have easy escape. We do not recommend coming if you have no mountain bike experience.

It is forbidden to go down with the dog behind in the circuits to avoid accidents and falls, in the parking and reception area they are allowed but always tied.

Yes, and it is not necessary to take out the day pass if the photographs/videos come for a personal nature, the only requirement we ask is that you do not place yourself in dangerous areas within the trails and be alert at all times.

In case the content created is for a brand or professional field, please send a message in advance to: info@4ridersbikepark.com


You can consult our frequently asked questions page with more information, we are sure it will help you solve your doubts!